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   St. Clement College aims at providing 'holistic' formation to students of priesthood who would be primarily working in the North Eastern part of India.

  St. Clement College aims to provide adequate formation for the students of philosophy that would enable them with sufficient knowledge of peoples, cultures and various religious belief systems and practises in general and in particular with in the North Eastern Region of India. Therefore, the entire programme takes into consideration various aspects of the region - ethnic, social, religious and philosophical.

  The philosophical programme at St. Clement College is oriented to promote critical thinking. Our students are trained to analyze, evaluate, and interpret - critically and systematically -the various practises and value systems found in different groups of peoples and in their cultures. They are encouraged to search and find true values and meanings with a coherent and cogent exposition of one's philosophical convictions.

   To be effective in their priestly formation and pastoral ministry St. Clement College aims to provide the students with a holistic vision engaging them with the multi-cultural and multi-linguistic traditions of North East India and its peoples. It would genuinely enable them to appreciate, accept and acknowledge the worth of differences and promote good will and peace among different groups.

    St. Clement College endeavours to inculcate in the students true human values that promote and appreciate the other with his/her differences. Various programmes are designed to have an exposure and experience to the life situations of the people at various levels - rural and urban, social and economic, cultural and religious. This in turn would help them to be compassionate and humane and developing a personal touch with realities around; becoming selfless and loving in their service to the peoples with complete openness and total acceptability.

   The philosophy programmes at St. Clement College provide opportunities for the students to have holistic approach to reality. Community life, in accordance with the teachings of the Church, is envisaged for personal growth and development. It is aimed to prepare the students for creative and relevant thinking and theological reflections, and to enable them to be effective witnesses of the Word in the region of North East.

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