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    The motto `veritas liberabit vos' (the truth shall set you free) is taken from John 8:32. St. Clement College, a centre of learning, has taken this as her motto, keeping in mind the dual role the college plays in the life of her students. As the centre of philosophical studies, she facilitates as well as inspires the students to pursue Truth. It is inherent in every person to search for meaning and truth and all the more it is true of students of philosophy. Anyone who studies here is shown the path to Truth winnowing out the falsehood that blurs one's true vision of Reality. Once a person is in possession of truth, s/he understands the design of God for herself/himself, for others and for the world. The consequence of such understanding is to work for the maintenance of cosmic harmony eschewed of exploitation and oppression of the 'withering reed' or the 'dimly burning wick 'and positively establish Freedom - Empirical and Transcendental. Empirical freedom is freedom from linguistic religio-cultural and racial prejudice; freedom from inhuman treatment based on 'master-servant' attitude; freedom from sin, evils, corruption and exploitation. Transcendental freedom is freedom from `time-space- content' limitations. St. Clement College, by imparting wisdom, makes us sharers of Truth and Freedom. The Truth shall set us Free.


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      The emblem of St. Clement College expresses the true spirit of the motto: the truth shall set you free. The cross symbolizes Truth. Jesus is the Truth, the Revelation of Absolute Truth. Jesus being the Truth reveals the Truth. The free flying dove represents Freedom. The dove is placed at the centre of the Cross. At the heart of Truth is Freedom. This is not an external freedom but an inner freedom that emanates from the realization of God, the Absolute Truth. The inner freedom allows us to limit ourselves but enhances everyone else. To reach this Truth and Freedom one has to pursue truth through constant search and inquiry. The book at the bottom represents the spirit of serious search the student undertakes in his years of living in St. Clement College. In all these we are ably assisted by the Helper the Holy Spirit represented by the fire. The Holy Spirit purifies the individuals, strengthens our resolve and allows us to make the journey, the journey to Truth and Freedom.

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