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“May They All Be One: Ecumenism in Catholic Perspective"

Dear Father/Sister/Brother,

The CCBI secretariate will be publishing  “May They All Be One: Ecumenism in Catholic Perspective”, prepared by the commission for Ecumenism. This will be an official text book for Ecumenism for the formees (in the seminary and formation houses). The distribution of this book is outsourced to Asian Trading Corporation (ATC). The 402 pages book costs Rs. 400/- and the pre-publication offer is Rs. 275. For copies kindly contact the CCBI General Secretariat or Email:; Mobile: +91-9886730224.


You may also place prepublication orders by visiting the online store: or you could fill the order form attached herewith and send through email. Please find attached two files in pdf formats.

May They All Be One Flyer
Download PDF • 2.16MB


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